5 Most Valuable Hot Wheels That Are Worth More Than Real Cars

Mattel began manufacturing its brand of die-cast toy cars named Hot Wheels in 1968. They soon became the main competitor to Matchbox, which also made toy cars until Mattel bought the company in 1997.

There are thousands of different Hot Wheels toy cars, many special editions and more. In this article, we’ll bring tears to your eyes for ditching your toy cars when you discovered girls while looking at the five most valuable Hot Wheels.

5. Custom Brown Charger – #51969

Photo: Bruce Pascal / Caranddriver.com

The Custom Charger was made between the years 1969 and 1971. Somewhere along the line a few of them ended up with a brown color. Collectors believe that the maroons were only intended for a prototype and not for production. Oops! These are said to be worth $13,000 each.

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4. Base Mad Maverick on Mighty Maverick – #41969

The most valuable Hot Wheels
(Credit: onlineredlineguide.com)

It’s an interesting situation. The Hot Wheels Mad Maverick name appears on several of these cars on the baseplate, but after a copyright issue was discovered, the name was changed to Mighty Maverick:

It seemed like a logical solution even if it meant that many cars would be in circulation with the copyright infringement name. If you happen to have one of the cars that came out before the name change, it could be worth as much as $15,000.

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3. On Chrome Camaro – #31968

The most valuable Hot Wheels
Photo: Bruce Pascal / Caranddriver.com

This is another of the Hot Wheels special editions that were produced for advertising purposes. The rare lime green over chrome finish puts this little Camaro into highly collectible territory as there are only twenty Hot Wheels cars with this special finish known to be out there. This one is worth $25,000.

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2. On Chrome Mustang – #21968

The most valuable Hot Wheels
Photo: Anita Smith / CarandDriver.com

This Mustang Strawberry Over Chrome was intended for advertising purposes and not to be in the hands of the general public. Somehow this one passed from a Mattel employee to a collector who kept it in a private collection until his death. Sold at an estate sale, this small car fetched a price of $40,000.

1. Pink Rear Loading Beach Bomb – #11969

The most valuable Hot Wheels
Photo: Bruce Pascal / Caranddriver.com

This is an extremely rare prototype that was in the possession of a Mattel employee. The surfboards that came with the toy vehicle were loaded through the rear window.

However, the toy turned out to be too narrow and too heavy and was eventually redesigned before entering the production line. The new design featured plastic surfboards that could be mounted on the side of the vehicle.

There are apparently only two of the roses there and they are valued at $175,000 each.

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In conclusion

Who knew those toys we played with as kids would become highly sought after collectibles? If we had a time machine, we would have taken better care of our Hot Wheels and never given them away.

Now you know that some of these miniature toy cars can be worth enough to pay off your mortgage or student loan. Who would have thought that would be possible?