Adidas X Hot Wheels Collaboration

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As a kid, without a doubt, my favorite toys were the Hot Wheels. Rolling the toy cars on the floor and looking at the incredible attention to detail in each one, it was hard not to spend the whole day playing with them. It’s a love I will always have despite getting older and no longer collecting or playing with them. In a perhaps a little surprising move, it looks like any Hot Wheels fan will be able to get some of the most unique and fashionable brand-inspired apparel and sneakers. The new gear is part of an exciting collaboration between Adidas and Hot Wheels. This follows the recent series of fascinating collaborations for Adidas.

The latest partnership has created a number of unique apparel and accessories such as the Adidas X Hot Wheels jacket, long sleeves, slides, shorts and t-shirts. However, the highlight of the latest collaboration is of course the new sneakers. These sneakers have different colors for each of the three stripes and show off a bit of the character of the classic Hot Wheels cars through the bold color choices. The red buckle on the back of the shoe and blue surrounding the ankle pay homage to the classic original Hot Wheels color scheme and the shoes have an overall sporty design that could be seen as inspired by the cars themselves. You can currently get the new items exclusively on the Adidas Confirmed app, although the entire collection will be available on the Adidas website on August 25th.

Adidas Sean Wotherspoon X Hot Wheels Race Jacket

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