After 14 years matchbox price revised, to cost Rs 2 from 1 December | Chennai News

MADURAI: After 14 years, matchboxes will be more expensive per Re 1. Representatives of five major matchbox industry bodies have unanimously decided to increase the MRP of a matchbox by matches from Re 1 to Rs 2 with effect from 1 December. The last time the price was revised was in 2007, from 50 paise to Re 1. The decision was taken at the All India Chamber of Matches meeting in Sivakasi on Thursday. Industry representatives attributed the recent increase in raw material prices as the reason for the price increase.
Manufacturers said that 14 raw materials are needed to make one matchbox. The price of one kilogram of red phosphorus has increased from Rs 425 to Rs 810, wax from Rs 58 to Rs 80, outer carton from Rs 36 to Rs 55 and inner carton from Rs 32 to Rs 58. paper, splints, potassium chlorate and sulfur have also increased since October 10. The increase in the price of diesel has also weighed them down further.
National Small Matchbox Manufacturers’ Association Secretary VS Sethurathinam told TOI that the manufacturers are selling a batch of 600 matchboxes (with 50 matches in each box) for Rs 270 to Rs 300. “We have decided to increase the selling price of our units by 60% at Rs 430-480 per bundle. This excludes 12% GST and freight charges,” he said.
About four lakh people are directly or indirectly employed in the industry across Tamil Nadu and over 90% of the direct employees are women. The industry hopes to attract a more stable workforce by paying them better as many are showing interest in working under MGNREGS and as farm laborers as they are much more remunerative.