All City Rumble secrets (and how to unlock them)

There are nine secrets to unlock in Hot Wheels Unleashed City Rumble. These secrets must be completed in order to progress through the campaign.

There are nine secrets to unlock in Hot Wheels Unleashed roar of the city. These secrets must be completed in order to progress through the single player campaign. Additionally, finding and earning all nine secrets will reward Oldsmobile 442 players.

The Oldsmobile 442 is one of the five secret cars of Hot Wheels Unleashed and it has some of the best stats in the game. The Oldsmobile 442 has its top speed, braking power at four bars, acceleration at five bars, handling at three bars, and boost at four bars. Find out how fast it Hot Wheels secret car is in Throneful’s YouTube video below:


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There are prerequisites that players must complete in order to unlock all nine secrets of Hot Wheels unleashed. Once unlocked, players must win the unlocked race in order to progress through City Rumble. Players can encounter the first two Hot Wheels secrets from the start of City Rumble before you can complete the prerequisites, but the description of each secret gives some hints as to what needs to be completed later.

All the secrets of City Rumble in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Four cars rounding a bend in Hot Wheels Unleashed

These are the nine secrets of Hot Wheels Unleashed:

secret name Index How to unlock
Unsolved mystery Complete the “Amazing Drivers” course in City Rumble as Motosaurus. The Motosaurus vehicle is unlocked by completing the events leading east in City Rumble.
hidden from sight “End the winged monster’s reign of terror.” Complete the Jurassic Predator boss run with any car.
Mostly hidden “Defeat the one who rules the ice.” Complete the Snow Pilot boss race with any car.
Secret “Defeat four bosses to complete the final challenge.” Complete four boss runs to access the Secret Covert.
Can you keep a secret? “Legend says that a restless ghost blocks access to this path.” Complete the final boss run, Ghost Seekers, to unlock this Hot Wheels Unleashed secret.
Secret unveiled Complete “Reckless Driving” in City Rumble with Bone Shaker. Unlock Bone Shaker by winning the Ghost Seekers boss race.
Top secret Complete “The Best” in City Rumble with Buns of Steel. Buns of Steels can be unlocked by claiming the rewards at the end of a City Rumble street.

This secret cannot be accessed until Secret Unveiled is completed, unlocking the path to the west.

Surprise “Unlocks after completing the Top Secret event.” This secret can only be unlocked after completing the “Top Secret” race.
Don’t tell anyone “Wake up, it’s late! Today is your first day, you’re going to miss the school bus!” Complete “The Journey Begins” race with the Hot Wheels High bus.

For a complete overview of City Rumble with all the Hot Wheels Unleashed secrets unlocked, watch this Cyberman65 video below:

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