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Which Hot Wheels Ferrari is the best?

Ferraris are the headliner of exotic cars. For decades, the Italians have graced us with some of the finest chassis ever made. Cast in screaming red, these sports cars are the epitome of cool – and their engines absolutely sing. Not to mention Ferrari’s legendary racing pedigree.

Car enthusiasts of all generations can get their hands on a piece of glory with Hot Wheels die-cast toys from Mattel. Whether you collect mint condition miniatures or a garage full of orange track racers, the best is Hot Wheels 2015 HW Workshop Ferrari 599XX.

What to know before buying a Ferrari Hot Wheels

Play with Hot Wheels

Kids of all ages have been playing with Hot Wheels for decades. Designed by Mattel as the first trackable toy car in 1968, these awesome miniatures have become one of the most popular toys of all time.

Hot Wheels cars are about 1-3 inches long and about half an inch high. At this size, they can pose a hazard to young children, which is why they are marketed for ages 3 to 8, but parents should always exercise good judgment.

Despite their size, they’re made from durable die-cast that can be stepped on and thrown around without breaking the toy. Just be careful of the plastic wheels, which can bend.

Collecting Hot Wheels

These days, Hot Wheels fetch a pretty penny on online auction sites, especially older models from the first three decades of production. While it can be difficult to get your hands on the first Ferrari Hot Wheels, contemporary models prove to be just as difficult to find. With Hot Wheels ending their license with Ferrari in 2014, these cars offer future investment in this timeless toy series.

Hot Wheels Toys & Playsets

Hot Wheels were originally designed to be compatible with Mattel’s signature orange tracks. These looped segmented raceways could be assembled into infinite course arrangements that propelled cars with motorized walkways.

Today, Hot Wheels playsets just got even more creative. Their sets feature cool jumps, monstrous obstacles and cityscapes that span the iconic orange track, and each aims to inspire creativity and imaginative play.

What to Look for in a Quality Ferrari Hot Wheels

Popular Ferrari models

Ferraris ooze style – there’s just something about that sleek red wedge shape. The Italian manufacturer has been making sports cars since 1947. Still, for such a high-end manufacturer synonymous with luxury, there are quite a few models. This can make finding the right one difficult for a young enthusiast or a seasoned collector.

Most car enthusiasts will be happy with any Hot Wheels Ferrari you can find, but you can’t go wrong with the greatest hits. These include:

  • FerrariEnzo
  • 250GTO
  • LaFerrari
  • 288GTO
  • F40
  • Testerossa
  • F355

Model numbers

Some would say Ferrari model numbers are unnecessarily complex. In the absence of a consistent formula, the combination of letters and numbers refers to engine displacement, number of cylinders, or a combination of both. This can make identifying various patterns from generation to generation rather confusing, as the rules change from decade to decade.

Ferrari fans will probably be able to tell each model from memory, but for the uninitiated, your best bet is to research iconic chassis names such as the Enzo, LaFerrari or Testerossa and popular number designations. like the F40 and 250GTO.

production series

Today, Hot Wheels produces a number of limited-run cars with unique liveries and details. These come in sets such as the HW Workshop or Vintage Racers series consisting of five to 15 other cool cars that follow an overall theme. Getting your hands on a specific model in each production run can be tricky, but persistent collectors who complete the entire lineup may find themselves sitting on some real value down the road.

How much you can expect to spend on a Ferrari Hot Wheels

Like real-world Ferraris, Hot Wheels Ferraris are a bit more expensive and harder to find than standard Hot Wheels toys. Expect to pay between $15 and $50 for a single car.

Ferrari Hot Wheels FAQs

What do the numbers on Hot Wheels packaging mean?

A. Hot Wheels packages have one or two numbers, displayed as a fraction. The first is the smallest and is most often located in the upper or lower right corner. This number designates the car number of your model in the total production of this year (about 100-350 cars).

If the toy is part of a limited series, a second larger fraction closer to the bubble will tell you the number of your car in its group. Collectors seek out these modes for their rarity in hopes of collecting the full series (usually 5-15 cars). These are also great opportunities to get your hands on cool liveries and special designs of your favorite Ferrari models.

What is the scale of Hot Wheels cars?

A. Hot Wheels toys are approximately 1:64 scale. Because they are designed to fit the plastic bubble of their packaging, this scale is not always consistent. If you’re looking for a detailed miniature model, Hot Wheels toys tend to be a bit cartoonish, but they’ve gotten a lot more detailed over the years.

What’s the best Hot Wheels Ferrari to buy?

Top Hot Wheels Ferrari

Hot Wheels 2015 Workshop HW Ferrari 599XX

What do you want to know: Built to do mind-blowing laps, the Ferrari 599XX is a rare breed that you won’t see on the streets.

What you will love: The 599XX is a technological marvel, and this shimmering silver toy with red stripes captures all of its beastly detail. One of seven in the 2015 HW Workshop series, this is sure to be a collector’s item. This is reinforced by the fact that no one has ever been legally allowed to drive these cars home in real life. Kids can also scan this car in the online game “Hot Wheels Showdown” and drive their own model.

What you should consider: Although it is more expensive than other Hot Wheels, it is a remarkably well molded and detailed model, with careful detailing right down to the side air ducts.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Hot Wheels Ferrari for the money

Hot Wheels 1998 Ferrari 308

Hot Wheels 1998 Ferrari 308

What do you want to know: This 308 from 1998 is a small piece of history that will find its place in a collector’s shelf.

What you will love: The 308 GTB Berlinetta has that quintessential wedge shape that Ferrari fans covet. This particular model replicates the cool five-spoke wheels of the 80s and is painted with a sparkling livery. Produced more than 20 years ago by Mattel, this specific model is already increasing in value.

What you should consider: While the glossy paint job is cool, you’d be hard pressed to find a brown Ferrari in the wild.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hot Wheels 2010 Ferrari 458 Italy

Hot Wheels 2010 Ferrari 458 Italy

What do you want to know: The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the most impressive super cars of the modern era, and this toy paints all its beauty in classic Ferrari red.

What you will love: From sleek, polished five-spoke rims to sleek body contours, this Hot Wheels car represents the very essence of Ferrari. It is a great gift for children and collectors.

What you should consider: Compared to most Hot Wheels cars, this is an expensive model.

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