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the Hot Wheels The brand was established in 1968, with its line of die-cast model cars designed to compete with Matchbox. Hot Wheels is still best known for its toys, although the Mattel-owned brand has also ventured into the gaming industry on numerous occasions.

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For anyone looking to try a Hot Wheels video game, or maybe you want to see what critics thought of their favorite racing title, here are all the games in the Hot Wheels franchise that was rated on review aggregator Metacritic ranked by their Metascores.

Updated October 19, 2021 by Jack Pursey: On September 30, 2021, Milestone released the latest entry in the Hot Wheels franchise’s long-running catalog of games. Hot Wheels Unleashed was well received, delivering one of the best arcade racing experiences of the year so far.

The warm reception has once again brought the gaming industry’s attention to the Hot Wheels franchise. Therefore, we have updated this list to include the latest title to ensure players get the complete picture when selecting the best hot wheels game player.

ten Hot Wheels: the best driver in the world (39)

Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver - Racing Gameplay

The first entry on this list receiving a Metascore of just 39 is definitely not a good start, and sadly the scores aren’t going to rise anytime soon. Hot Wheels: the best driver in the world was released on iOS, 3DS, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U, with the iOS version being the only iteration to receive a Metascore.

The mobile gaming scene has managed to prove people wrong over the years when it comes to believing that racing games would not be suitable for mobile devices, although Hot Wheels: the best driver in the world is not a shining example.


9 Hot Wheels: Fight! (43)

Hot Wheels: Fight!  - racing gameplay

Hot Wheels: Fight! is another game released on multiple consoles, but only has one iteration with an official Metascore. The Xbox 360 iteration is the only version that got rated, which is a shame because the DS version received a fairly positive review of 65 from IGN. This implies that it could have received a more respectable score had more companies reviewed the handheld game.

The 2007 game allows players to gain an edge with many common arcade-style racer tropes, such as stunts, power-ups, and boosts.

8 Hot Wheels: Extreme Racing (53)

Hot Wheels: Extreme Racing - racing game

Hot Wheels: Extreme RacingThe nearly accurate average score of is an appropriate descriptor for the game. extreme race is a decent racer that will appeal to fans of hot wheels, though it struggles to stand out from the crowded genre of arcade and kart racers.

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THQ’s game has a unique feature that sets it apart however, its vehicles can adapt to different elements. Players can traverse land, water, and even fly through the air if needed, as cars can transform into an instance to match the environment.

seven Hot Wheels: Velocity X (55)

Hot Wheels: Velocity X - racing game

Hot Wheels: Velocity X struggles to stand out on this list with its rather mediocre score. However, the game is one of the most recognizable and commercially successful entries on this list, with many gamers having nostalgic memories of X-speed on PS2, GameCube, Game Boy Advance or PC, so much so that the game’s Metascore seems a bit too low.

Hot Wheels: Velocity X features common racing modes such as Challenge, Battle, and Multiplayer, as well as a story-driven Adventure mode, which is rare in arcade-style racers.

6 Hot Wheels: World Race (59)

Hot Wheels: World Race - racing game

Hot Wheels: World Race was released in October 2003 and is based on a film of the same name, itself based on a television series titled Hot Wheels: Highway 35 – Global Race which ran from July to August 2003 and had five episodes.

The game was developed by Climax Brighton (also known as Climax Racing and Black Rock Studio), which has a strong track record in the gaming racing genre with titles like Pure, MotoGP ’06, and the critically acclaimed street racer Part/Second.

5 Hot Wheels: Ultimate Race (60)

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Racing - racing game

PlayStation Portable Exclusive Hot Wheels: Ultimate Race was originally released in June 2007 by DSI Games, with development handled by Raylight Studios in Italy.

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The game is fondly remembered for giving players a great sense of speed, similar to the Annihilate series and the recently remastered Star Wars Episode I: Racer. Although the feeling of speed was welcome, it caused some problems as the tracks in the game have many tight and unforgiving turns that will punish players for the slightest mistake.

4 Hot Wheels: Stunt Challenge (63)

Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge - racing gameplay

As the name suggests, Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge focuses on the extreme waterfall side of the Hot Wheels Brand. However, performing stunts is not the only attractive factor the game offers, as players can also customize over twenty different vehicles, the majority of which must be unlocked through in-game progression.

In addition to the focus on stunts and customization, Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge stands out from the competition in 2004 by offering an online mode on PlayStation 2.

3 Hot Wheels: Hot Rubber (66)

Hot Wheels: Burnin' Rubber - racing game

Surprisingly, top rated Hot Wheels Pre-2017 game is exclusive to the Game Boy Advance, a system that’s certainly not known for delivering high-quality racing titles.

Hot Wheels: the rubber that burnsThe development team at Altron have done a fantastic job of making the most of the GBA’s limited hardware, creating a solid racing experience on the handheld device.

2 Hot Wheels Unleashed (78)


Hot Wheels Unleashed is the latest game entry in the Hot Wheels franchise, releasing September 30, 2021. The game doesn’t seek to reinvent the wheel, staying true to the series’ roots while breaking away from the previous Hot Wheels games with its fantastic visuals and high quality driving mechanics.

The game’s wide range of miniature cars to drive is where it excels. There’s a huge selection of cars on offer, and the microtransaction-free system of unlocking cars as you progress is a great old-fashioned way to motivate players to win more races.

Sadly, Hot Wheels Unleashed isn’t without its flaws, as the repetitive music, lack of visual variety, and very limited range of modes hold the game back. However, it’s still the best standalone Hot Wheels game currently on the market.

Hot Wheels Unleashed was developed by Milestone, a well-known company for racing titles. The Milestone CV includes the MotoGP series, the SBK: Superbike World Championship series, and the WRC: FIA World Rally Championship.

1 Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels (87)

Title art for Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels with a car on a ramp

Technically, Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels should not qualify for this list as it is a DLC. However, the expansion for Forza Horizon 3 worth including, as it offers by far the best Hot Wheels gaming experience, according to reviews.

Purchase Forza Horizon 3 as good as Hot Wheels expansion can be costly, although worth the price for fans of the franchise because Forza Horizon 3Excellent driving mechanics work wonders with quintessential loop and twist Hot Wheels tracks.

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