Custom Hot Wheels track creates an epic backyard course

What do you get when you combine countless Hot Wheels components, lots of building materials and months of commitment? Four and a half minutes of pure bliss. As a miniature car takes you on an epic race through what might be the best toy racing circuit ever built.

This video from the Backyard Racing YouTube channel (which we first saw at Digg) takes viewers on an epic first-person ride through a suburban backyard. All shot entirely from a single small car on a very long journey. But not as long as it took to do this wild route.

This Hot Wheels MegaTrack took over four months to build. This, however, required more than ingenuity and patience. It also relies on many different building materials, so it’s not just one flat path. It curves up and around, over and under, and through things you’ll find in many backyards. Including splashing around in inflatable pools, our favorite feature.

Backyard races

In addition to many Hot Wheels products, this track uses wood, ten ladders, PVC tubing, blocks, plastic bins, cardboard boxes, and pool noodles. With so many elements, the MegaTrack was a logistical nightmare. The physical build wasn’t the hardest part. Designing it was. Here’s what Backyard Racing had to say about all the hard work and troubleshooting that went into it:

“A lot of breakdowns took place because the body of the car we were using initially couldn’t go through a booster. 3 months of modifications/troubleshooting and 1 month of construction later and here we are! Over 30 boosters launch the car on 2,000 feet of track through land, sky and water, making it one of the biggest Hot Wheels tracks ever built!

Not that it sounds easy, but somehow it’s even more impressive to know how difficult it was to piece together. It was worth it for this video. Especially for us. We only had to give more than four minutes of our time to enjoy it. Not four months.