Dennis Collins’ automotive adventure ends with a Hot Wheels surprise

It’s not very often when a 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 isn’t the only star of a Dennis Collins YouTube video, but it is when a legendary classic car shares the spotlight with a real Hot Wheels car.

In his latest presentation, Collins travels to Connecticut to meet Tommy DeFranzo, who helped acquire Mustang but is best known for creating rolling masterpieces out of Mattel’s famous toy cars.

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Risky business with a classic used 1967 Shelby GT500

Viewers find that Collins rolled the dice by buying the Ford without seeing it.

DeFranzo had learned that an immaculate 1967 GT500 was for sale and called Collins to report the find, but Collins had to act quickly and buy the vehicle without inspecting it. a risky move, because an old Mustang might just be a fake Shelby.

But Collins is confident after a VIN inspection and Shelby number information confirms the car is the real deal – it’s no surprise Collins has done his homework to further back up the car’s story.

Thanks to the Marti Report, we learn that of the 3,223 GT500 fastbacks built in 1967, only 133 were equipped with Magstar rims, documents from the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC) retrace the history of the former owner since the purchase of the car in 1977.

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The DeFranzo Custom is part Corvette, part Mustang

An example of DeFranzo’s creativity is revealed at the start of the video with a car that combines Mustang, Corvette and Cadillac components into one vehicle.

A side view clearly shows a Mustang Fastback roofline, but the front fenders and doors incorporate classic Corvette elements.

The rear is all Corvette, just with 1958 and 1967 parts.

DeFranzo revealed he hoped to finish the car, which started out as a 1958 Corvette, in Ferrari Red and showcase it at an upcoming SEMA show.

The legendary real-life Hot Wheels Twin Mill

DeFranzo’s most notable project involves transforming the Twin Mill Hot Wheels car into an actual vehicle.

We covered the initial effort in an original HotCars story (see #15 on the list), but DeFranzo went to work on the Twin Mill II with more refinements and greater horsepower.

Collins and his team are excited to explore this Hot Wheels car that comes to life with two 1,000 horsepower Chevy engines. Keeping the project official, DeFranzo explains that famed Hot Wheels designer Ira Gilford penned the car’s outrageous design.

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