Frankenstein’s monster lives again with the new Jada Toys deluxe figurine


It’s alive! It’s alive! Frankenstein’s monster returns to the land of the living as Jada Toys continues its line of Universal Monsters figures. Standing 6 inches tall, this figure is loaded with detail and special black and white deco to capture that iconic movie monster magic. NECA might have some competition here as the Jada Toys version will not only include an interchangeable head and hands, but a chain, blanket and table attachment with straps. Unlike previous Frankenstein’s Monster collectibles, these extra accessories really take this figure to new levels, and hopefully we can see Jada do just that with more Universal Monsters properties. The packaging is also nice for the bad boy. , and it will be a gorgeous new addition to your movie monster collection. The Universal Monsters (Next Level Exclusive) Frankenstein Monster Deluxe 6″ Scale Action Figure from Jada Toys is priced at $40. It’s slated for release by the end of 2021, and preorders are already live line and can be found here.

Universal Monsters 6″ Scale Frankenstein’s Monster Deluxe Action Figure (Next Level Exclusive) – Celebrate the 90th cinematic anniversary of Frankenstein’s monster with this exclusive limited edition collectible. Frankenstein’s Monster is designed in dramatic black and white as a tribute to this venerable misunderstood icon of the Universal Classic Silver Screen. Just like Frankenstein’s monster is a man made up of many parts, this set comes with exclusive pieces that make it a true collector’s item. Recognizable and fully functional operating table includes straps, footrest, head block, electrical wiring and fabric lab table cover. Accessories include head, hands and alternate accessories. The 6-inch scale figure set comes in premium, collector-friendly packaging. Only available at the next level.

  • Exclusive black and white color way
  • Exclusive fully functional operating table with straps, footrest, head block, electrical wiring and fabric lab table cover
  • Includes alternate head, hands and accessories
  • Collector’s quality packaging
  • 14 years and over
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