Hot Wheels and NASA team up to launch the Mars Rover vehicle


Hot Wheels is ready to take off as they announce their newest vehicle teamed up with NASA. On February 18, 2021, the Mars Perseverance Rover is set to land, and no better way to show the moment than with a new collectible. Mattel has captured the Perseverance Rover in an incredible 1:64 scale replica. It’s one of the first Hot Wheel Space-related collectibles, and it’s a great vehicle to kick off the series. Hot Wheels fans won’t want to miss this truly unique collectible that will be a great partner for watching NASA’s Mars landing.

Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand offers many chaotic vehicle models that can really captivate fans. However, it’s creations like the Mars Perseverance Rover that really shine because they give fans an incredible replica and a real piece of history. The design is fun and unique, and it can be a fun experience for a child or adult who has one while NASA lands in February. The Hot Wheels Mars Perseverance Rover is priced at just $1.09 and can be found in stores and online today.

Hot Wheels Mars Perseverance Rover MSRP: $1.09 | 3 years and + | Available now

The countdown to Mars has begun! Hot Wheels is helping NASA kick off another historic year of firsts in space exploration – with the release of the Hot Wheels Mars Perseverance Rover die-cast vehicle. Inspired by NASA’s Perseverance Rover, which is set to land in Jezero Crater on Mars on Thursday, February 18, 2021, the world’s #1 toymaker’s latest die-cast captures every intricate detail of the Perseverance Rover in a hand-crafted replica. scale 1:64. Space exploration fans and Hot Wheels enthusiasts of all ages can re-enact the captivating journey of NASA’s Perseverance Rover as it surveys the Martian landscape and searches for signs of ancient microbial life, collecting samples during next year.”

“The Hot Wheels Mars Perseverance Rover pays homage to cutting-edge instruments and technologies that will help pave the way for human missions to Mars, studying critical data about the geology and climate of Mars and eventually returning Martian samples to Earth. Just as Hot Wheels embodies the Challenger spirit in all of us with its vision of ‘challenge accepted’, the Mars Perseverance Rover embodies the NASA – and science – spirit of overcoming all challenges. The NASA team hopes to inspire the world and future explorers to forge new paths and make discoveries that the next generation can build upon.”

  • Visit your local retailer to pick up the Hot Wheels Mars Perseverance Rover available now, and keep your rover close as you tune in for the live broadcast of NASA’s Mission Perseverance Mars 2020 Rover landing on February 18 !
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