Hot Wheels and Super73 release a limited-edition Hot Wheels electric bike

  • Hot Wheels and Super73 team up to create the Hot Wheels X Super73-RX, a Hot Wheels-style electric bike.
  • The e-bike can travel 40 miles at 20 mph using just the electric motor.
  • The bike will retail for $5,000 and come with a special Hot Wheels Ford Bronco diecast.

    Mattel’s Hot Wheels die-cast superstar is no stranger to strategic partnerships. There have been limited-edition Hot Wheels computers, Hot Wheels Power Wheels, and just about every other kid-friendly item at your local toy store. Now Hot Wheels is venturing into a partnership that should help big kids and adults alike – for an e-bike. Hot Wheels is partnering with e-bike manufacturer Super73 to release a limited-edition Hot Wheels bike based on the company’s flagship Super73-RX.

    This bike will feature a 960 watt-hour battery, which translates to around 40 miles of riding at 20 mph. You can go further by opting for a different riding mode that relies on the pedaling of the rider. In the end, you can also travel as many kilometers how you can pedal, whether there’s juice in the battery or not, it’s a bike after all.

    Although it’s mostly a standard Super73-RX, the Hot Wheels livery adds a few extra styling points to this e-bike. The aptly named Hot Wheels X Super73-RX is finished in black but features orange and blue Hot Wheels graphics on the battery tank and Hot Wheels embroidery on the seat.

    This e-bike is packed with high-priced tech, and the price reflects that. This Hot Wheels Super73-RX edition will set you back $5000, and it’s also only available in the continental US, which means people overseas, or even in Alaska or Hawaii, won’t be able to order one directly. . This bike built to order Also need 12-16 weeks lead time before it reaches the shipping crate. That said, if you’re a die-hard Hot Wheels collector or just want to hop on an e-bike, this might be the machine for you. Oh yes, and helping to offset that price: Hot Wheels also includes a special Ford Bronco die-cast that matches your new bike.

    Do you think you would ever spend $5,000 on an electric bike? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below.

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