“Hot Wheels for Minimalists” – This kinetic marble sculpture is an incredibly cool table accessory

Move over, Newton’s cradle. MARBOLOUS is an original and hypnotic tabletop design object that demonstrates Newton’s finest discovery in a grand way – gravity! MARBOLOUS, as the name suggests, is a kinetic, marble-based object that you can interact with, encased in a glass bell jar for added dramatic effect. Within this bell is a long winding metal track through which the marble can slide, and a small lever at the base of the toy allows you to launch marbles down this track, creating a sort of mini marble coaster. The track isn’t just a simple slope or sine wave – it takes on unusual twists, giving the MARBOLOUS an intriguing energy that’s fun to watch. All the marbles collect in a single line in a vertical chute in the center of the toy. Press the lever at the bottom and it pushes the marbles up and out, launching them one by one down their pretzel-shaped track (the makers are German, can you tell?).

Creators: Jan Friedmann & Sebastian Sauerbeck

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Designed to be an all-analog device (there’s no battery, motor, or app here, just pure physics), MARBOLOUS is a fun and engaging little mechanical gadget that invites you to interact and observe. Each MARBOLOUS comes with 25 glass marbles and 6 modular track elements in two styles known locally as Brezels and Anti-Brezel (Germany’s love for pretzels is truly unwavering) that you can put together. The entire marble coaster sits on a base that has a built-in lever, and is covered with a glass enclosure so that the marbles don’t accidentally fall out and get lost. In fact, in addition to being analog, MARBOLOUS is also made with minimal amounts of plastic, using mostly metal, glass and cork in its construction.

Stackable tracks come in two forms which they call “Brezel” and “Anti-Brezel”.

What the MARBOLOUS really does is bring tactile joy back into your workspace in the form of something that engages with your inner child, without the use of screens, apps, the internet or whatever. it be from modern to distance. It’s a contemporary toy with an appeal that transcends age in a truly remarkable way. Whether you’re 6 or 60, there’s no way you wouldn’t love watching the marbles rush down their metal railroads. The reimagining of your classic marble track, in fact, comes from the minds of Baffy and Jan, two adults who wanted to bring their favorite childhood toy, the marble track, back to life for the modern age. In a story that only reinforces the underlying emotion of childish toy happiness, Baffy and Jan quit their cushy, well-paying jobs amid a pandemic and global uncertainty to design and develop the MARBOLOUS – because In these unprecedented times, we could all benefit from looking away from our screens and enjoying the childlike pleasures of watching the marbles dance through their choreographed routine!

A mechanical marble lifting system, integrated in the 360° metal rail, protected from dust under a glass dome.

No electronics are required for MARBOLOUS.

The MARBOLOUS is available in a variety of colors, with black or white metal rails (not cheap plastic) and different tinted glass marbles to choose from. With a diameter of 16 cm (6.3 inches), it is perfectly sized to sit on any table top, be it a study table, a coffee table or even a mantelpiece (watch out because the dome is glass!) Considering all that metal and glass, the MARBOLOUS weighs 1.6 kilograms (3.5 pounds), which makes it about as heavy as a MacBook, although there are chances are you’re not really carrying it anywhere! Simply place it on an easily accessible table, and whenever you need a spark of joy in your life, toss one of these marbles and watch it cascade as your heart floats upward. high !

Click here to buy now: $157 $219 (25% discount). Hurry, more than 19/100! Over $240,000 raised.