Hot Wheels Skate Kicks Off By Shrinking Bondi’s Iconic Skatepark For Fingerboarding In New Campaign Via Thinkerbell – Campaign Brief


To celebrate the Australian launch of Hot Wheels Skate, the iconic brand’s first-ever foray into skate toys, Thinkerbell and Hot Wheels have reduced Australia’s most iconic skatepark – Bondi Skatepark – to a scale 1 model :36 specially designed for fingerboarding.

Bondi Skatepark’s one-of-a-kind miniature sculpture traveled to Bondi to mark the official launch. Australian pro skateboarder Poppy Starr Olsen, Olympian Jarryd Hughes and future skateboarder Ruby Trew were the first to try it out alongside local kids and fingerboarding talent – all captured and turned into a video of skateboarding content vs. fingerboarding for their social networks.

According to Libby McEniry, Senior Marketing Manager at Hot Wheels: “With this launch, we have decided to raise awareness of the launch of the new product and to get children interested in skateboarding to see Hot Wheels Skate as a brand that offers a path to mastery, for those less advanced in the fingerboarding category.

Arguably the world’s most influential skateboarder, Tony Hawk, who worked with Hot Wheels to create the fingerboard line, endorsed the one-of-a-kind Bondi Miniature Skatepark: “I’m thrilled to finally present this epic new line of fingerboards. to Australia. And it’s flattering to know that their first sessions will be at a scaled-down version of the Bondi Skatepark: a park I’ve enjoyed skating on many times over the past three decades.

Although the exclusive miniature sculpture will not be available in stores, the Bondi Skatepark replica will be touring skate and extreme sports events, as well as skate shops and major retailers across Australia.

Customer: Hot Wheels Australia
Agency: Thinkerbell
Miniature construction of the Bondi Skatepark: Yippee Ki Ya
Content Creation: Spilled Milk

Hot Wheels Skate debuts by shrinking iconic Bondi skatepark for fingerboarding in new campaign via Thinkerbell