Jada Toys launches its range of eco-friendly B-Kind dolls built around compassion and kindness – ToyNews

Global toymaker, Jada Toys, has lifted the curtain on a new line of eco-friendly dolls designed to promote positive messages of kindness, creativity and compassion under the new B-Kind brand.

The range of dolls introduces children to Brianna, Koral, Ivy, Nora and Daisy (BKIND), all of whom are eco-friendly, made from recycled materials and dressed in an eco-friendly way, whilst being packaged in reusable packaging created from soy-based ink. .

Rolling out across the United States, B-Kind dolls will debut online and on shelves exclusively at Walmart.

Each B-Kind doll encourages creativity through craft play that reflects the dolls’ unique passions. The dolls’ interests match those kids today can relate to and range from going green to saving the oceans to ending bullying; all causes that teach the importance of being kind to the environment, animals and each other.

The range – in line with its eco-centric mission – arrives in reusable packaging made from recycled materials. A patterned ribbon acts as a box handle that can be used as a wristband, while creative minds can use the packaging itself to build their own kindness chart, a dedicated personal space to display and share kindness goals at through drawings, photos, mission statements and more.

The cuteness boards also serve as a background play scene for the dolls.

Each B-Kind doll demonstrates her own passion and offers individual DIY such as making an upcycled outfit for the doll, creating a set of BFF bracelets, and more. The line includes:

  • Brianna – “There is no planet B”: Brianna enjoys helping the environment and is passionate about being kind to others and to our planet. In her spare time, she enjoys making fun crafts from recycled materials and designing clothes. Brianna comes with DIY outfits for doll play (one to paint and decorate, one to make with fabrics from around the house), plus a purse and kindness board.
  • Koral – “Keep the sea plastic-free”: Koral absolutely loves the ocean and all the amazing sea creatures that live there. She is passionate about protecting marine life by keeping plastic waste out of the ocean. Koral comes with reusable bags for doll play, plus a purse and cuteness chart.
  • Ivy – “Spread the Love”: Ivy is passionate about ending bullying and being kind to each other. She believes that words go a long way and that giving someone a compliment could make their day. Ivy comes with DIY BFF wristbands, 2 for doll play and 2 for your little designer to wear, plus a DIY purse and cuteness chart.
  • Nora – “Be Brave”: Nora loves adventure, new places, food and activities. She thinks it’s important to be brave and try new things. Nora believes in being yourself because you are wonderful just the way you are. Nora comes with a DIY hat for doll play, hair extensions for doll play and for your little designer to wear, plus a DIY purse and cuteness board.
  • Daisy – “Save the Paws of the World”: Daisy admires animals and loves taking care of them. She knows that some animals are in danger and believes that together we can help them. Daisy comes with 2 DIY beanbags for doll play, plus a DIY purse and cuteness board.

“Children and parents today are more environmentally and socially conscious than ever before and we are delighted to present a line that truly embodies their values ​​while providing a creative and fun model of play that allows children to create clothes and accessories for their dolls themselves”, mentioned Bill SimonsCEO of Jada Toys.

“We are all striving to make a difference in this world and this line of dolls gives us the opportunity to connect and encourage parents, children and collectors to spread kindness to one another, environment and more. We think this line will really resonate with kids and parents alike, reinforcing the messages of general kindness that all parents seek to instill.

Kids and parents can also follow B-Kind’s weekly “Craftisodes” on YouTube, which will feature a variety of new DIY and recycling crafts.