JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot is gearing up for the Hot Wheels movie

Bad Robot is set to dive headfirst into toys as the studio seeks to bring one of the most popular toys of all time to life, as reports indicate that JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot will join Mattel Films and Warner Bros Pictures for a movie based on Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels was launched in 1968, establishing a long rivalry with scale car competitor Matchbox. Hot Wheels would eventually see Matchbox fall apart when Mattel bought Tyco Toys, the former owner of Matchbox, in 1997.

While little is known about the plot, the official description reads, “The high-revving action movie will bring this beloved cross-generation franchise to life and feature some of the monster cars, trucks and motorcycles hottest and most stylish in the world.”

Kevin McKeon and Andrew Scannell are directing the project for Mattel Films. They are joined by Peter Dodd of Warner Bros. Pictures, Hannah Minghella and Jon Cohen of Bad Robot.

Bad Robot Film President Hannah Minghella noted that: “Before Hot Wheels became the global name it is today, it was the dream of Elliot Handler, who invented and built toy cars at home in his Southern California garage. It is this imagination, this passion and this spirit of risk-taking that we want to capture in this film.