Lamborghini makes a full-size Hot Wheels Huracan EVO Spyder

We’ve always wanted Hot Wheels to become full-size cars.

They may be small, but Hot Wheels has made a huge impact on the lives of many car enthusiasts. Bringing us wacky, wild, and youthful renditions of our favorite cars and fictional cars in die-cast toy form, Hot Wheels was how many young car enthusiasts let their imaginations run wild, and now that imagination is come to life as an actual Huracan EVO Spyder with Hot Wheels-inspired livery.

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A project by Lamborghini Centro Stile in collaboration with Supertoys for Superkids, an organization that encourages children to enter the automotive industry, and Italy, the livery is a unique project, with a combined 3-layer Verde Alceo green color featuring the iconic Hot Wheels flame design on the side of the car and other Hot Wheels details throughout. The car is part of the Milano Monza Motor Show which Lamborghini is participating in, and the special car will be on display in via dei Mercanti for the duration of the show, alongside other amazing exhibits and activities from June 16-19.

Source: Lamborghini