Matchbox cars still make dreams come true for adult tankers

• Matchbox cars allow oil enthusiasts to own their dream car for a fraction of the price.
• Almost 70 years after its creation, Matchbox continues to produce high quality model cars.
• Matchbox has implemented several strategies to promote eco-responsible behavior.
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The dream of owning a Porsche 911, Jaguar E-Type, BMW M3 or the latest Lamborghini is a long-term dream for many petrolheads.

Matchbox, makers of some of the world’s most realistic model cars, hopes to make this process a little more bearable for tankers and allow them to own their dream car at a fraction of the price.

The history of Matchbox is interesting. British inventor Jack Odell had a long history of creating die-cast parts for full-size cars, such as door handles and dashboards. One day her daughter came home and mentioned that they were only allowed to bring toys to school if the toys could fit in a matchbox. Odell used his expertise to launch a car that could fit in a matchbox. Soon her daughter’s classmates were asking for a matchbox car and a brand was born.

matchbox cars

The first car created by Odell was a steamroller modeled after the green and red Lesney roller, followed by a dump truck and a cement mixer, which included the original three-model version.

The toys quickly grew in popularity, with kids collecting the latest vehicles, each packaged in a matchbox replica and the basis for imaginative stories about what cars, trucks, boats, planes and beyond could do.

Driving your adventure means being able to go where the road takes you in the car of your dreams. Most people own their dream car at a young age (yes, in toy form), but while playing with their Matchbox cars, they keep dreaming of one day driving the actual vehicle.

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Most of the time these dreams come true when they are older and once in the car, getting in the car means enjoying the journey as much as the destination. For us it was a short trip to Sun City and the Soho Hotel, assorted cars in tow. Located in the North West Province, Sun City has become South Africa’s playground with four hotels, various restaurants and so many entertainment options for the whole family.

matchbox cars

Jaguar Matchbox car

The days of these die-cast models being packed in a matchbox are long gone, but the brand’s DNA remains. Matchbox strives to provide die-cast enthusiasts, young and old, that are as realistic as the real thing.

Matchbox’s success seems endless; today, 70 years later, the brand continues to sell more than 40 million cars a year, with a Matchbox car sold every second.

And Matchbox models aren’t just fun for kids; adult collectors go to great lengths to add the newest or rarest models to their collection. Hard-to-find or limited-edition models can fetch huge prices on online auction sites.

In recent years, Matchbox has faced fierce competition from rival brand Hot Wheels; both brands are owned by the same company, Mattel, which is doing its best to resurrect the original small car brand. Matchbox will continue to produce high-quality reproductions of real cars alongside Hot Wheels, focusing on more outrageous casts.


matchbox cars

Looking to the future

Matchbox believe that by playing they can inspire the next generation. Their current lineup includes electric and hybrid vehicles alongside the latest supercars as a true representation of what people drive and aspire to drive these days.

Hoping to encourage eco-friendly behaviors, these themes are also integrated into playsets, such as a Matchbox recycling truck or the Matchbox fuel station, which includes an EV charging station.

Packaging comes full circle

While Matchbox cars are no longer available in Matchbox replicas, the company has launched its PowerGrabs range, which once again sees Matchbox cars feature 100% plastic-free packaging.