Nostalgia-Filled Joyride “Hot Wheels Unleashed” Releases September

With all due respect to Matchbox cars, Hot Wheels were the defining toy vehicles for generations of kids. Toy cars have been an iconic part of every person’s childhood for decades. Hot Wheels commercials always looked so cool with the toy cars on tracks taking them through mountains, jumping over dinosaurs and flying through fire on their way to the finish line.

These ads are why so many of us were thrilled to finally get our hands on Hot Wheels Unleashed. The first trailers for the Hot Wheels racing video game hit that commercial-like feel perfectly, both in the environments and how the cars tear up the track. It’s going like the perfect nostalgia trip and it’s finally coming out in September.

It’s weird to be excited about a Hot Wheels game in 2021, but there’s something about Unleashed which just hits all the right notes. Each trailer perfectly captures what a Hot Wheels game should look like: flashy cars, crazy environments and wacky tracks.

Obviously the game itself will have to play as well as it looks to be considered a good racing game, but early signs point to a game that will be full of the nostalgia we all want to have. a Hot Wheels game.