OH MY GOD! Weaver has made such a saree which is packed in a matchbox!

Hyderabad: Do you know the Pashmina (warm and soft cloth), which traders tell when taking it out from the middle of the ring. Even if the pashmina leaves the ring. But can it be packed in a matchbox? Now imagine that the pashmina cannot be delivered in a matchbox, how can a saree be packed in it! But an artisan weaver from Telangana made it possible. Yes, he designed such a saree, which fits comfortably in a matchbox. Photos of this saree have also gone viral on social media. Also, people praise the work of the weaver.

The same saree was presented to Ministers of State KT Rama Rao, P Sabita Indrareddy, V Srinivas and Errabelli Dayakar Rao on Tuesday. The name of the weaver who has done this wonderful work is Nalla Vijay who lives in the city of Rajanna Sircilla. According to the report, Vijay presented this special saree to Minister Sabita Indrareddy on Tuesday.

Vijay said that it takes her about 6 days to make this type of saree. He says that if a machine is used to prepare a sari, this work can be completed in two days. Let us tell you that when woven on a traditional loom, it costs ₹12,000. While the saree costs ₹8,000 when made by machine. Many people are surprised to see the same saree.

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