Roll down the rainbow road of MARIO KART with the new Hot Wheels set

I have a love-hate relationship with Mario Kartis Rainbow Road. I love riding it, even if I hate it. It’s not that I can’t win on this colored track. Over the years I’ve learned to stay on the path, like a steady goat walking up a mountainside of light. The problem is that I can’t really master this frustrating circuit. These secret drops, where you can skip entire chunks of the track, appeal to me like Charlie Brown trying to kick a soccer ball through Lucy. Like Charlie, I end up fidgeting every time I try.

It’s scary and always will be. But that’s not something I’ll have to worry about with Hot Wheels’ new set. It recreates the Rainbow Road with all the splendor, but without falling into oblivion.

Hot Wheels

You can now pre-order Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway at Target. The set (which we first encountered at IGN) comes with 1:64 scale Mario and King Boo die-cast racers. You can configure the set to immediately serve as a track. Or curve it into a more traditional winding path.

At its peak, it can reach 24 inches tall with a track measuring eight feet long. The complete set weighs 10.22 pounds. We would have imagined that a raceway made of light would have no weight. But you learn something new every day. Hot Wheels Rainbow Road also includes pillars for easy storage of your model cars. And a “?” Randomizer Block Item Box “with pop-up features, 3D sculpted figures and decorations”.

Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road Raceway in its entirety, with the track in a straight lineHot Wheels

Marked for ages four and up, it requires three AAA batteries for the dash. Gravity will take care of the cars.

You can take home the Rainbow Road for $119.99. It arrives this summer, on July 18. If you’re looking for other ways to prep for the plateau before then, Hot Wheels is already selling Mario Kart Vehicles. However, the company offers no way to deal with the frustration of having your toy car accidentally fly off Rainbow Road. I could really use it.

Featured Image: Hot Wheels

This article was originally published on March 16, 2021 and was updated on June 24, 2021.