Hot Wheels Unleashed could become one of the best games you won’t play this year. Thanks to very little media coverage, many might end up not knowing that this game is evened. We will do our part and let you know when exactly Hot Wheels Unleashedwill be the release date.Read More →

Matchbox giants! The model car collection sparks a global bidding war…and the first lot sold for a whopping £281,000 Graham Hamilton, 54, started collecting Matchbox cars seriously in his twenties He spent over £100,000 buying Matchbox toy cars between 1962 and 1982 It included a world record price of £15,600,Read More →

Added April 30, 2021 Daniel DiManna collectible , Hot Wheels , Matchbox , matchbox cars , Mattel , toy cars , toy collection No comments Matchbox cars remain one of the most collected toys in the worldPhoto: Jtnet via CC Today, Hot Wheels is practically synonymous with the idea ofRead More →

Automakers, cities and governments are all moving towards a future that reduces carbon emissions. For many, 2030 seems to be the magic number, the year when brand lines will be electrified and the ban on the sale of internal combustion engines will come into force. We can now add theRead More →

Matchbox plans to use recycled or recyclable materials in its toys and packaging by 2030. Matchbox will also increase its electric vehicle presence in the company’s lineup and include electric vehicle chargers in gas station playsets. Matchbox’s Tesla Roadster will launch in 2022. With the spotlight squarely on sustainability, moreRead More →

Carl Brown has a simple rule for his grandchildren when it comes to the collection of 25,000 toy cars he’s amassed in over 30 years of collecting. “If you can reach it, you can play with it,” Brown said. “I don’t have many rules for the cars, they are thereRead More →