The Best Hot Wheels Cars for Kids (and Their Adult Caretakers)

Hot Wheels cars were inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2011, a testament not only to their longevity, but also to the fact that kids, even those bombarded with screens everywhere they go, seem to love them. miniature cars. Chances are you played with them when you were young, and your child also loves (or will love) playing with Hot Wheels today.

But getting new wheels for your son or daughter can be tricky, as many of them only seem to differ cosmetically. We looked at what’s currently on the market and found a wide variety of options. From name brand models to exotic luxury cars to an awesome bulk pack, these are the best Hot Wheels for kids to buy. Or, honestly, for yourselves.

These six cars inspired by the Toy Story franchise are a great gift for kids who want to take their Hot Wheels to infinity and beyond! Each car was inspired by a beloved character from the movie.

You know this set of wheels from the 1977 James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me. And here is a magnificent 1:64 scale replica that every self-respecting 007 fan and collector must own.

This car is based on the Dodge Charger driven by Marvel character Robbie Reyes, also known as Ghost Rider. It is intended for the more serious collector.

DC fans will love this pack of five cars, each inspired by a different legendary character. Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash and Green Lantern come to life in these cars, with box and vehicle artwork by Alex Ross, a beloved illustrator who has worked on Marvel and DC titles.

Kids use their Hot Wheels cars to defeat a giant spider and save Hot Wheels town. This means defeating spiders, scorpions and alligators.

This epic set features a gigantic cobra that can trap cars in its jaws. But kids can smash the cobra by tossing a car over its head and along its tail.

Save this one for the kids who just can’t get enough of Hot Wheels. All 50 cars in this set are individually wrapped, so you can stock up and have goodies on hand in case you need them. The designs themselves are random and varied, with both classic and new designs in each pack.

The big red Spider-Man themed car is actually an easy to use launcher for toy cars. It has eyes behind its windshield that narrow when its spoiler is pressed, pulling the included white web car (or most Hot Wheels cars) behind the grill forward with speed.

If your kids love dinosaurs and they love Hot Wheels, they’ll love this set. Kids load a Hot Wheels car onto the launcher and slam the wheels into the Triceratops to try and knock it down. Hours of fun!

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