The National Corvette Museum hosts an interactive Hot Wheels exhibit

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The National Corvette Museum is here but like you’ve never seen it before. All Hot Wheels enthusiasts can visit the NCM and check out the “Hot Wheels: Race to Win” exhibit.

Matelle has partnered with the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to create this traveling exhibit. While Thursday evening was the perfect VIP gala, Friday opens the exhibition to everyone.

NCM President and CEO Sharon Brawner said, “It couldn’t be more fun to have an exhibition like this… Participate. Doing all the things you loved to do and did as a child, and doing it with your family, school group, or grandkids, is what coming to a museum should really feel like for anyone who wants to learn.”

The “Hot Wheels: Race to Win” exhibit may sound fun and funny, but Brawner says it actually teaches engineering and science at the same time.

“You have speed, velocity and all these other things that kids don’t even realize, that’s what they learn. That’s when they learn best,” Brawner remarked.

The fun is for all ages. Frank Hamilton of Lexington knows this all too well. He has been collecting Hot Wheels since the late 1990s.

“What I love most about Hot Wheels right now is the social aspect. I have friends I made in 1998 who are still close friends,” Hamilton said. accumulation [of Hot Wheels] is probably 20,000…. And I always play with toy cars!

Stop by the MCN, as the traveling exhibit is here throughout September before hitting the road again.

To learn more about the exhibit, visit the National Corvette Museum website here.