This Hot Wheels Logo Design Secret Just Blown Me Away

Another day, another stunning logo secret. We all know Hot Wheels, right? The small brand of miniature cars has been around since the 60s and has become a staple in every child’s toy box. But we bet you didn’t know the logo hid a genius secret right under your nose.

A Reddit user shared the logo on Reddit’s “DesignPorn” page and racked up thousands of upvotes. The post points out that the famous Firey logo has a hidden wheel in the design between the “H” and the “W” (see below). Not only is this use of negative space probably the best I’ve ever seen (we’ll probably have to add it to our negative space guide), but I also love that it just hides in front of our faces.

The hot wheels

Have you spotted this secret logo yet? (Image credit: Hot Wheels/Mattel/u/Verdiii via Reddit)

The ‘O’ and ‘T’ on the design collide to create the rim and shine on the tire that is the negative space.

The post was originally shared by user 09HP on Reddit’s “MadeMeSmile” page, then re-shared on “DesignPorn” where another user described the wheel in the design. It looks like I’m not the only one feeling completely shocked by this secret, as hundreds of users have commented on the posts expressing similar astonishment (see below).

saw_this_on_rmademesmile_and_thinkt_it_belonged from r/DesignPorn

saw_this_on_rmademesmile_and_thinkt_it_belonged from r/DesignPorn

This logo secret reminds us of when we discovered that the Starbucks logo had been asymmetrical all along, making it more accessible to customers. It also reminds me of the Coffee and Cigarettes movie poster which also makes great use of negative space.

If you feel inspired by this design, why not download Illustrator and try creating one yourself? But if you’re not sure where to start, be sure to check out our guide to designing a logo.

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