Tire shelves are perfect for displaying Hot Wheels

If you collect Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars or have a kid who does, you might like the idea behind the Etsy Cool Wheels Display store. The shop sells handmade racks that are great for organizing and displaying toy car collections, and the coolest thing is that the racks use a real bike tire as a frame.

According to product descriptions on Etsy, shop owner and designer Anthony handcrafts each piece and signs it before shipping. Anthony notes that these unique shelves are also eco-friendly, as they are made “with refurbished used tires, saving them from going to landfill.” Thus, your wall decoration really makes the difference! »

Etsy/Cool Wheels Displays

The displays are available in several sizes (16, 20, 24 or 26 inches), and although a black tire is the default, you can request a custom color if you prefer. You can also customize the color of the shelves inside the rack, opting for a bold color like red or blue, or you can stick with a natural wood finish.

Shelves start at $79.50 for the smallest rack and go up to $149.50 for the 26-inch shelves.

Etsy/Cool Wheels Displays

Since launching the Portland, Oregon-based store on Etsy in 2020, it’s had over 350 sales, and customers seem to love them, leaving Cool Wheels Displays with rave reviews and five-star ratings.

“Great craftsmanship! wrote one reviewer. Another customer added, “High quality construction and great looks. I can’t think of a better way to display my vintage match cars.

Many reviews include pictures of displays in customers’ homes. Most reviewers talk about using the shelves in their kids’ rooms, but many adults use the displays for their own collections.

“This shelf looks AWESOME in my ‘man cave’!” wrote a reviewer in April 2021. “Overall I love this shelf. Totally worth the price.