Tony Hawk falls into the world of Hot Wheels – NBC 7 San Diego

For years, skating legend Tony Hawk seems to be everywhere: on Instagram (7.5 million followers, on the NBC Olympics cover, on Twitter (4.5 million).

If you’re wondering, this week he was in Belgium, among other things, to give a talk in Antwerp, where someone in the audience posed Tony Hawk’s famous challenge: “Do a kickflip”. Sadly, that nasty leg fracture he suffered in March continues to take its toll, so the legend brought four kids onto the stage to see theirs instead. Earlier in the week, he took the stage at a small London club to sing a cover of Agent Orange’s “Bloodstain.” But this is another story.

Encinitas’ most famous resident is currently touring Europe, but this is just a reminder for a major development: Now that Hawk has signed up with Hot Wheels, we can all work on our kickflips at our desks, at the breakfast table, at In-n-Out, just about anywhere. His line of finger skateboards (aka, fingerboards) – “collect ’em all” – recently hit shelves, and here at NBC 7, we’ve taken one for a spin in and out of our studios, gliding on the anchor desk, becoming gnarled all over the news station.

Hot Wheels

Photo courtesy of Hot Wheels

It’s unclear how much Hawk earns from the deal, but Hot Wheels will donate to Hawk’s nonprofit Skate Park Project, which helps build public skate parks, as part of the partnership, according to published reports.

Kids — and adults with plenty of free time — can “master epic tricks,” as the Hot Wheels promo copy puts it, on one-of-a-kind keys for as little as six bucks (“The Hot Wheels® Die-Cast Vehicle”). pressure included is 1:64 and has the decos loved by car fans of all ages.”) We believe decorations is Hot Wheels trying to create “decorations”. Want to go bigger? Get a four-pack for $12 that includes a few pairs of skate shoes. Beware, though: a colleague pointed out that “shoes make it look like you have really bad acrylic nails.”

More epic: The amusement park skate set, which could net you 30 bills. This one’s for “high-flying 360° skating action with retarding obstacles, awesome styling, and kid-activated sounds,” says Hot Wheels. And then there’s the “Tony Hawk x Hot Wheels Skate Wildfire Freestyle Deck and Fingerboard”. Deep pockets for this one: SRP $350! That one is rare, though: no Hot Wheels loot on that one, sad to say.

Rad, man. We are so thrilled.