#ToyTech: These are the coolest Hot Wheels tracks you’ll find on YouTube

Are there any Hot Wheels fans out there? If you are looking for cool ideas for the tracks of your cars, there are many tutorials and guides that you can find on YouTube.

Who knows? They just might tempt you enough to build your own!

Hot Wheels

In 1968, the American toy manufacturer Mattel introduced the Hot Wheels, which are the miniature cars that have become so popular until today, according to definitions. Mattel is also the creator behind the success of Barbie.

At the time, Hot Wheels was the main competitor to another miniature toy company, Matchbox. That was until Mattel acquired it from Tyco Toys in 1997.

With the said acquisition as well as the popularity of the brand, many car manufacturers allowed Mattel to produce a miniature version of their cars.

Despite the fact that they were originally created for children, these toy cars have gained popularity with adult collectors who can now purchase the limited edition versions.

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The coolest Hot Wheels tracks you can find on YouTube

In this regard, YouTube has become the go-to platform for Hot Wheels collectors and enthusiasts who like to showcase their various model cars and multiple tracks.

For example, YouTuber Backyard Racing has created numerous Hot Wheel track videos. The said YouTube account has over 45,000 subscribers.

One of his videos titled “Hot Wheels Backyard Mega Track with Fence Ride (Boosted)” has racked up over 3 million views, over 44,000 likes and around 1,100 comments.

In the video, which is over four minutes long, the creator claims it is one of the greatest Hot Wheels tracks ever created. The YouTube also explained that it contains 30 boosters that launch the toy car 2,000 feet of track through land, sky, and underwater.

In addition to this, Backyard Racing has also used wood, ladders, inflatable pools, PVC tubing, blocks, plastic bins, cardboard boxes, pool noodles and a range of Hot Wheels items .

This installation lasted four months. Plus, they also clarified that there was a lot of troubleshooting and backyard engineering to get the Hot Wheels track running.

The team behind it added that the GoPro body wouldn’t pass through the boosters at first, and all the 90 degree bends they purchased were too steep.

Besides this Hot Wheels track, 5MadMovieMakers on YouTube also posted a video showing a long track.

The YouTuber explained that “with 6 ‘pitch’ this track was filmed in 13 sections and stitched together with corner cuts, tunnels and boosts to appear as one take”.

This video has racked up over 53 million views, over 290,000 likes, and over 6,000 comments.

3 things you need to know about how wheels work

3. First Hot Wheels vehicle

According to the Children’s Museum, the first vehicle released by Hot Wheels was a custom dark blue Camaro in 1968.

For those who watched the “Transformers” movie, the Bumblebee character is an example of a Camaro.

2. Mattel has sold over a billion Hot Wheel cars

Since the company launched Hot Wheels, Mattel has sold over one billion Hot Wheels automobiles.

1. Diamond-encrusted runner

To commemorate Hot Wheels’ 40th anniversary, a diamond-encrusted racer was created.

According to Mattel, the $140,000 bespoke jeweled automobile has more than 2,700 diamonds in total, weighing about 23 total carats.

The car is crafted in 18k white gold and is covered in tiny pavé-set brilliant blue diamonds, which resemble Hot Wheels Spectraflame blue paint.

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