Turn a Hot Wheels car into a radio controlled drift weapon

Hot Wheels are among the most popular die-cast cars in the world. The car bodies are faithful recreations of the real thing, although the models are just stationary toys. It wasn’t good enough for [Jakarta Diecast Project]who set out to transform a small BMW E30 M3 into a stunning radio-controlled drift car.

Construction begins by dismantling the original car and removing the original wheels. The baseplate is then modified to accept a new rear suspension and axle assembly. A small DC motor is mounted on the assembly to drive the rear wheels. A set of front steering knuckles are then installed up front, with their own suspension and connected to a small servo for steering. It’s all controlled by a plug-and-play compact RC receiver, which even includes a gyroscope to help keep the little car upright when accelerating. The body is then stripped of paint and given a nice body kit, before receiving a bright orange paint job and decals. It is attached to the base plate of the car via magnets, making it easy to disassemble the car when maintenance or modifications are needed.

Although the construction doesn’t get into the thick of it on some of the more difficult parts, like building the incredibly intricate front joints, it’s nonetheless a great guide to building such a small and well-presented RC car. In terms of appearance and performance, the result surpasses typical commercial offerings of the same scale, as you would expect from such a handcrafted masterpiece. It might not be the smallest RC car we’ve featured, but it’s one of the coolest. Video after the break.