Volley buys ‘Question of the Day’ developer Matchbox.io in multi-million dollar deal

Voice game developer Volley has acquired voice app developer Matchbox.io, developers of the “Question of the Day” quiz game, for an unspecified price of several million dollars. Popular Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled games created by Matchbox will join “The Price is Right” and “Song Quiz” in Volleyball’s growing stable of games.

Sale of quizzes

The “Question of the Day” game for Alexa and Google Assistant has a simple premise offering a new trivia question every day in a wide range of topics with multiple-choice answers. As users play, they can accumulate points, badges, and other digital rewards for their diligence. The game has an average rating of 4 stars from nearly 23,000 reviews on Amazon, and the same rating on Google Play, but only 65 reviews.

“Matchbox.io’s ‘Question of the Day’ is a beloved, award-winning skill with broad appeal, making it the perfect complement to our suite of interactive voice-based games that engage users every day,” said the CEO. de Volley, Max Child. . “Voice gaming is the fastest growing space in voice-enabled applications and the addition of ‘Question of the Day’ to the Volley portfolio will provide more entertainment for current customers of both companies.”

Volley activated

Volley has grown in voice games since its launch in 2016. Song Quiz was its first big hit, but original games and licensed properties have followed at a steady pace. The company began accelerating its spread last year when it acquired game studio Voxion to bolster its games lineup and potentially use Voxion’s technology to create games that can connect to smartphones. Soon after, Volley launched a new Google Assistant puzzle game called Magic Word that combines audio and visual clues like GIFs and music. Volley then teamed up with The Price is Right owner Fremantle to launch the voice acting based on the show to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Creative voice game developers have experimented with many unique approaches to the medium. Game studio Earplay released the haunted house ghost investigation audio game The Orpheus Device, as well as Pac-Man Waka Waka, a Pac-Man game with motion controls based on the invented Wakanese. The value of games as a way to entice people into trying to stick with a voice assistant and related devices is growing, and innovation in the field will likely intensify rivalry between developers over time.

“We’re seeing a clear consumer desire for daily content that keeps them engaged and continues to learn,” said Sarah Andrew Wilson, chief content officer at Matchbox.io. “We think the millions of players who enjoy ‘Question of the Day’ will love the variety of additional games and entertainment they’ll find on Volley.”

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