Watch your back, Fast & Furious: The Hot Wheels Movie is back, and with major Star Wars talent attached

When it comes to blockbusters that revolve around cars, the fast furious The franchise has reigned supreme for over two decades now. However, for years there have been attempts to get live action Hot Wheels the film took off, and now the project based on Mattel’s popular toyline has gained momentum. It is thanks to JJ Abrams, who directed two of the star wars Sequel Trilogy movies, now involved in Hot Wheels‘ development.

Mattel Films and Warner Bros. Pictures announced today that Bad Robot Productions, the production company of JJ Abrams, will produce the Hot Wheels film. No plot details have been revealed, but according to the official announcement, the film “will bring this beloved cross-generational franchise to life and feature some of the hottest and most stylish cars, monster trucks and motorcycles in the world.” “. Here’s what Mattel Films executive producer Robbie Brenner had to say about Abrams and Bad Robot for the Hot Wheels stroll.

As a global leader in automotive culture, Hot Wheels has ignited the challenging spirit of automotive enthusiasts for generations. Fans of all ages are now ready for the ride of their lives with the incredible talent of JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot joining us alongside Warner Bros. Pictures to turn the legendary Hot Wheels IP into a thrilling story for the big screen.

While it doesn’t look like JJ Abrams will be sitting in the director’s chair for Hot Wheels, this is yet another major property that Bad Robot has got its hands on. Other upcoming projects from the production company include HBO Max’s Justice League Dark series, the Superman movie that Ta-Nehisi Coaties is writing, star trek 4 and the film adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the places you will go! which Jon Chu is attached to direct. When it comes to his work as a director, Abrams has been operating in the science fiction realm for over a decade now through star trek, Super 8, Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. I’m curious to see what kind of stamp Bad Robot puts on the Hot Wheels property for its theatrical debut.

A Hot Wheels The film has been in development in one form or another since 2003, when Columbia Pictures owned the film rights and lined up McG to direct. Another iteration of the project saw Justin Lin sign on to direct in 2016 when his production company Perfect Storm Entertainment acquired him, but since returning to directing fast furious movies, it’s safe to say he’s no longer attached to Hot Wheels. Mattel Films and Warner Bros. have teamed up for Hot Wheels in early 2019, and although it was reported in September 2020 that Neil Widener and Gavin James were writing the script, it is unknown if their script is what will be filmed or if new writers are being sought.

Hot Wheels marks the second upcoming collaboration between Mattel Films and Warner Bros., as the companies are also teaming up for the Margot Robbie-directed Barbie movie, which Greta Gerwig is directing and co-writing with Noah Baumbach. Other upcoming Mattel-related movies include masters of the universe (which has been moved to Netflix), the film directed by Vin Diesel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Barney and Wishbone. Mattel Films is also developing christmas ballwhich is based on a completely new IP address.

It will probably take a long time before Hot Wheels races in theaters, but with the main fast furious With the series of films coming to an end, this Mattel offering can easily fill its place afterwards by delivering thrills to a movie-loving audience. Browse the 2022 movie releases to find out what’s coming to the big screen in the near future.