We’re taking Mattel’s Hot Wheels Batman Batmobile remote control car for a spin


The Riddler is no good again, and it’s time to hit the streets of Gotham again. The Batman was a truly amazing film filled with action, a darker storyline, and a new actor going by the title of Dark Knight. Along with a new Batman, the movie consisted of numerous modifications of the Batcave, Batcycle, and Batmobile. We’ve seen plenty of new collectibles capture this new gear, and Mattel has gone one step further with their new Hot Wheels R/C car. The Batman The Original Batmobile debuted a while ago, but it’s only just beginning to hit collectors’ hands, giving collectors a 1:10 scale replica of this vehicle. The Batmobile is bigger than your average Hot Wheels car, with a full remote control so you can simulate driving this car. Thanks to our friends at Mattel, we got to see the Batmobile up close and yes, Alfred needs to grab you one ASAP.

The Batmobile change over the decades and each one inspires a new generation of bat lovers. It’s not often we get a massive 1:10 scale replica like this, and Mattel knocked it out of the park with the vehicle measuring 19.5″ long, 9.6″ wide and 5.3″ tall. In the beautifully detailed box, collectors will also receive a controller (which requires 2 AA batteries) and 1 USB cable to charge the Batmobile. As for the features themselves, Batman fans will be able to hit 10 mph with this bad boy and it handles like a dream. I’ve driven on pavement, carpet, wood deck and grass, and it’s been excellent on every surface. Mattel made sure to add great suspension to this car and the rear wheel drive helps you get out of tight spots.The tire on the controller moves the wheels left and right, while the trigger moves it forward and backward.Took a while to understand the pace of the car, but after getting it down, she was ready for r Gotham Street.

There’s so much more to this new Batmobile, starting with its full charge feature that can give you at least 20 minutes of continuous play per charge. On top of that, the charging feature is the working front headlights and rear jet exhaust glow that knocks The Batman Batmobile off the screen. These lights add a very eerie effect that helps capture some of the film’s iconic cinematic moments. To make things even better, Mattel made sure to size this vehicle just to allow a 6-inch figure to fit inside. Unfortunately, there aren’t many The Batman figures, and I doubt the 7-inch McFarlane Toy figure could fit in that hard plastic cape. I’ve done some size comparisons with some of my DC Multiverse figures, and it comes together pretty well. I think it will work well with the upcoming 2023 The Batman One:12 Collective figure from Mezco Toyz, which I’m looking forward to.

After all, it’s said and done, the Hot Wheels R/C The Batman Batmobile is an amazing collectible. The size alone is great, giving us a deeper look at the design and feel of this next-gen Batman. Mattel did well thanks to the fans by adding the LED lights and the possibility of inserting a figurine inside. The remote was easy to use, and seeing this spirited car hitting 10 mph was pretty, but it didn’t help that this car was so photogenic that I didn’t want to put it down. It’s been quite a while since I’ve handled a bigger R/C car like this, and it was an absolute blast; whether you want to drive it or display it in your collection, it will be a valuable addition. Collectors can purchase theirs right here at Mattel Creations, so get yours while you can!

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